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The government has decided to resume the blocking of EWB generation facility, which was temporarily suspended due to pandemic, on the EWB portal from 15th August, 2021.

When will the EWB generation be restricted ?

After 15th August 2021, the generation of EWB will be restricted if

  • 2 or more returns in Form GSTR-3B (for normal taxpayers) for the months up to June, 2021 are not filed, or
  • 2 or more statements in Form GST CMP-08 (for composition scheme taxpayers) for the quarters up to April to June, 2021 are not filed.

GST Helpdesk Manager at DBC, Sahil Kakkar, advises you to file your pending GSTR-3B returns or GST CMP-08 statements, so as to avail continuous E-way bill generation facility on EWB Portal.