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The government, Ministry of Finance has clarified that there is no change in Financial Year 2019-20 and it ends on 31 March 2020

In Social Media there are fake circulars or notifications being shared. Government clarified all such documents are fake. The document in circulation does not change the financial year. There are just some stamp duty amendments. Earlier stamp duty amendments made by Finance Act, 2019 (interim budget) were to become effective from 9th January, 2020. Which later were pushed to 1st April, 202 vide notification dated 8th January, 2020.

The attached notification postpones applicability of amendment to Indian Stamps Act to be effective from 1st July, 2020 now

Press release copy of government

We at DBC advise you to neither believe in such hoax nor to blindly forward such messages, circulars or any notifications. Financial Year has already ended, so please gear up to close your Books of Accounts well in time.